Travel to Go Reveals 3 Scams to Beware of this Summer

Summer is one of the business seasons for travel, but it is also one of the busiest for scammers to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists. This travel season, Travel to Go Scam Prevention Team is sharing some insider tips on how to avoid three of the most prominent cons this vacation season.

1. Carpet bargains or gem deals.

This scam is especially common in the Eastern hemisphere. It happens when a person enters a store, an enthusiastic salesman offers them a deal they simply can’t refuse on either gems or rugs. Oftentimes, the deal seems to good to be true – and it usually is. Travel to Go Scam Prevention Teamshares that the gems are usually worthless and the rugs oftentimes never get home.

2. Fake Police

Especially when in a different country, travelers are usual extremely adherent to the local law enforcement officials. When these policemen ask to look at a traveler’s passport, they will say that there is something wrong with it, and they are going to have a huge problem while in the country. For a small fee, however, they will forget the infraction and let the traveler go on their way. You can tell whether this is a legitimate issue or a scam if you offer to accompany the officer to the station. If it is a scam, they will most likely drop the “issue.”

3. Airport Taxi Scam

Whenever taking a taxi from an airport, it’s imperative to use an official taxi. Otherwise, there are a number of scams that travelers can fall victim to including the taxi taking a round-about route to incur more charges to even driving off with a piece of the passenger’s luggage.

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Travel To Go Scams Prevention Team Reveals When Renting Your Dream House is a Scam

Travel To Go Scams Prevention Team knows that any people find a thrill in renting a vacation property on the beach that they consider to be their dream house. It’s easy to get excited when deals online offer a very affordable price. The deal may seem too good to pass up, so decide to find out if it’s available. But the truth is, they may have just fallen victim of a scam artist.

Advertising rental properties online by private parties is becoming more of a common thing. Some offers may be legitimate, but not always. It’s important to verify the property of your choice is really available for rent, even when the scam artist will do what they can to make it seem like the real deal. They might provide the address or offer an online tour, showing off features of the house both inside and out.  They might even have documents that look legitimate as well.

All of these things can make it seem like a real offer, but there will also be signs that the deal is not as real as it seems.

  • Pay attention to the pictures: look for views that do not match the location of the property or different looking structures or rooms to see if they are just generic shots collected by the scammer.
  • Type of Payment: If the owner of the property asks for payment by wire transfer or in cash, be alarmed because these are favored methods of payments by scam artists.

Travel To Go Scams Prevention Team knows travelers love finding the best deal, but encourages renters to look into a property and checking out all the facts before jumping into something that could be fraudulent.

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Travel To Go Scams Prevention Team – BE WARY OF FALSE Advertising

Travel To Go Scams Prevention Team knows that whenever you are looking for a good location to remain, or somewhere enjoyable to go when you are visiting a new place, you ought to be cautious with your option. The Travel To Go Scams Prevention Team warns that you simply need to be vigilant and most importantly – patient while you are looking.There are a lot of scam artists to be found operating in web forums and other web sites as well. Whenever you go ahead and start researching about a given place you would like to go, you’ll no doubt want to hear what past customers have to say about it. That is why you might visit a forum where you should find a couple of valid opinions. You check a couple of threads and you even ask some concerns of your own. You find lots of mixed answers. There is a purpose for that and you ought to be conscious of it.Travel To Go Scams Prevention Team warns you that you simply will have to be very picky in regards with choosing individuals whom you can trust on the web. When the critiques to get a given establishment are as well mixed, you should go for one, which has more positive ones. If there are a couple of critiques, and all of them are positive, this really is grounds for suspicion as well. There are lots of establishments which will pay for good comments and reviews for their operation. That is why you have to be as patient as you possibly can in seeking out the right place.

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Travel To Go Scams Prevention Team COVERS ROME’S BUS ROUTE 64

Travel To Go Scams Prevention team knows that Rome’s bus route 64 is notoriously famous as one of most pickpocketed locations. Bus 64 is a public route that solutions the city of Rome and goes by all of the famous spots that every traveler wants to determine. The  fact is that the chances of obtaining things stolen from you on this route is very high if you aren’t aware and don’t take precautions. It is estimated the over 1,000 pickpocket gangs operate in the city. Many of which use route 64 as a means of steady income from what is stolen from unsuspecting travelers.

Travel To Go Scams Prevention team recommends that if traveling this route be extremely aware of the scenario. Don’t take unnecessary products or bags on board with you. Maintain purses across your chest and below your arm or under a jacket. Do not carry your wallet inside your pocket. Use a money belt that’s not visible.

Travel To Go Scams Prevention team understands that numerous of the thieves working on this and other buses don’t appear like your typical pickpocket. Many times they are well dressed in suits and appear like very nicely kept business men when really they are just thieves dressed up so no one will suspect them as a pickpocket.

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Travel To Go Offers The Colorful World Of Niagara On The Lake

Travel To Go welcomes tourist to travel to Niagara on the Lake and celebrate life their way. This well preserved  19th century village is just a few minutes’ drive from Toronto Canada is also home to the famed Shaw festival  and is also the  base from where you  can enjoy day trips to the  beautiful Niagara Falls. You can run along the Niagara escarpment on horseback, enjoy a Whitewater adventure or bike around the area visiting the Fort George National Historic Site and enjoying the beautiful wineries in the area.

Travel To Go Scam Prevention Team love to enjoy the beauty of Niagara Falls and simply marvel at the picturesque landscape that it create with its beautiful waterfalls and rugged Gorges that were carved by the rushing waterfalls .Taking the speedboat ride will give you an adrenalin rush as the water around the Niagara Falls embraces you and makes you fantasize of life in another dimension. The people who don’t like the idea of getting totally soaked in the wild and bold Niagara Falls can opt for a ride in the Jet Dome which helps you see Niagara Falls and its scenic beauty but without getting wet in the process.

Travel To Go members always visit the Royal George Theatre and the Festival Theatre which are the popular sites where the Shaw festival plays and helps you get to know the culture and tradition of the locality at a close glance.

Travel To Go says that though this place is small; in scale but truly inspirers the walkers, Hikers and Joggers to explore its beauty. Many beautiful attractions await the curious travelers as the beautiful Tulips and Cherry Blossoms spring out creating a colorful fountain of floral expressions.

Travel To Go members enjoy walking the tree lined streets of Niagara and wandering in and out of the unique looking at shops and buying souvenirs to take back to their loved ones. They also love the ride in the horse driven carriages feeling satisfied at the simple pleasures and the relaxed pace of life at its gracious in the beautiful Niagara on the Lake.

Travel To Go is the perfect travel company that cans organize your soulful vacations to soulful destinations like Niagara on the Lake.

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Travel To Go Brings You Affordable Bahamas Vacation

Travel To Go members help you to see the affordable side of a holiday in Bahamas as taking a trip to the Caribbean might seem and unaffordable luxury but believe it a Bahamas vacation is much more affordable and a real change than the travelers realize. The beaches are the most easily accessible and fun places to visit where tourist of all ages can enjoy a holiday experience.

Travel To Go members say that your Bahamas vacations can turn out cheap if you book on a flight to Miami and then travel by ferry to Bahamas. Plus this way you get to enjoy a ferry ride and see the beautiful landscape saving a lot of expenses too. Traveling during the off season will also be a good choice if you have less to spend but still want to enjoy all the tourist attractions and have all the fun and entertainment that you want in your holidays.

Travel To Go offers tips to save money on your Bahamas vacation as you can stay in a house boat or rent a cottage and do your own cooking. It is not necessary to book in glamorous hotels and resorts when you can stay at holiday rentals that are more affordable. But if you want to enjoy a luxurious stay then you can travel during the off season and book into the resorts that offer off season discounts. Plus cooking yourself also helps to cut down the cost of eating at expensive restaurants. You can even use the local jitneys and public transport instead of hiring high priced cabs.

Travel To Go Scam Protection Team recommends avid shoppers to shop from the Straw Market as they can get great deals on clothing and gifts items. The nature loving folks can enjoy the beautiful Botanical Garden in Bahamas while the sun bathers can sprawl on its sugary beaches and enjoy a tan. Tourist who likes to be part of the Mardi Gras like festival celebrated in Bahamas should plan their holiday during the New Year.

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Travel To Go Recommends A Visit To Space Needle The Revolving Restaurant In Seattle

Travel To Go members suggest that the tourists who want to travel to Seattle City for the very first time will surely fall in love with it. This beautiful Emerald City creates magic on its first time visitors. Tourist should reserve a table and enjoy an exotic brunch in the familiar landmark on the skyline of Seattle, The Space Needle. This famous restaurant is placed 600 feet on the top of the Seattle Fairgrounds. From there the tourist can enjoy the view of Seattle in only a single rotation.

Travel To Go member’s advice tourists that their trip to Seattle will be incomplete if they miss the opportunity of visiting its most renowned market place, Pike. This market place is placed at the edge of the water and was established a hundred years ago. The best time to visit this market place is early in the morning when the fishermen’s dock their boats and bring back their catch to sell.

Travel To Go members that Alki Point the monumental Lighthouse is a must see sight when you travel to Seattle. The city of Seattle is extremely known for its friendly sociable attractions, particularly the ones that permit the young tourist to travel around the scenic and natural displays like the famous Seattle Aquarium. Tourist traveling with kids will really enjoy the frolics of ocean life in this beautiful aquarium.

Travel To Go Scam Prevention Team suggests tourist to enjoy a ride of the Ducks of Seattle as it is the best way to experience Settle both from the land and sea. The Seattle ducks are the vintage World War II Amphibious vehicles that are transformed from military relics into tour rides. Science  Fiction Museum is a must  see sight if you are a science fiction fan as you get to see many TV props  and displays of historic importance like the costumes and weapons of the Planet of the  Apes.

Travel To Go recommends tourist to enjoy a ferry ride to San Juan Island as this is one location that you don’t have to worry about renting a car as the area is completely managed by ferries. You can enjoy the sightseeing and shopping opportunities and really get to enjoy as the locals.

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Travel To Go scams Prevention Squad Describes Scam Avoidance

The Travel To Go scams Prevention Squad is always trying to let people know of the possible dangers they face when they are traveling. They know that the best tool that travelers have is knowledge. The more they know about the way that the con artists are working, the less likely they are to be victimized. The Travel To Go scams Prevention Squad helps by providing the information, but there is one thing they do not try to do.

They do not try to be the police and catch these certain individuals that are perpetrating these tricks. They only work to help people with scam avoidance. The travelers should think the same way. They should do what they can to avoid becoming a victim and leave the apprehension of these dishonest people to the proper authorities.

· If you find yourself in a situation that you are being taken advantage of, worry about getting out of that situation. You do not need to think about how you are going to report this event. Travel To Go scams Prevention Squad says you need to find a way to escape and keep your money safe.

· Be loud if you are in a situation that you feel is not good for you. The attention you can draw to yourself will cause the perpetrator to want to get away. They do not like to have attention drawn to them. Let them go and you can go back to enjoying your trip.

If you do want to help others, consider offering the things you learn about scam avoidance to others by posting your story on the internet. That is the best thing that you can do.

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Travel To Go Scam Prevention Highlights Signs Travelers Should Know About Scam Artists

Travel To Go Scam Prevention Team are aware that travelers are often the victim of people who want to take advantage of them. If the scam artists wore nametags that identified them, it would be easy to avoid them. Unfortunately, they do not do this. They look like everyone else and that is one of the advantages that they have.

The Travel To Go Scam Prevention Team has come up with some ways that travelers can help them identify the thieves and can keep the travelers from becoming victims.

  • Beware overly friendly strangers – Just because someone starts up a conversation with you when you are traveling is not a reason to worry. It is when they start treating you like they have known you for years that the red flags should go up. If a stranger befriends you very quickly and starts offering to take you around town, beware, it is a sign of possible trouble.
  • Don’t get involved in situations – Many of the scam artists will create a distraction to take advantage of their victims. They may fall and drop all of their groceries or they may claim to have been hurt in some way. It is okay to call for assistance for these people, but be careful about helping them yourself. It could be a distraction so their partner can come in and victimize you.
  • Look for people in a position of authority – If you do need help with a machine or with something else in a foreign country, be careful who offers you the help. It is better to ask the help of an official person rather than a stranger.

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Scam Prevention Squad Advises To Watch Out For Dishonest Taxi Drivers

Scam prevention squad a taxi is a great way to get around when you are traveling. They are usually easy to find and they are not very expensive for many trips that you need to take when you are away from home. Taxi drivers have to follow a lot of rules.

There are regulations about how much they can charge and the things that they can charge a passenger for. Scam prevention squad adds that if a taxi driver complies with the regulations, there is obviously no problem. When taxi drivers do not follow the rules the scam prevention team is ready to step in. Travel to Go lists down some of the ways that taxi drivers take advantage of their fares include:

  • Not resetting the meter – If the taxi driver does not reset the meter when you get into their cab, you could end up paying more for your trip than you should. Pay attention to the meter to make sure that this does not happen.
  • Adding extra fees – A taxi driver may try to tell you there is an additional fee for traveling during rush hour or a fee for some other reason. Scam prevention squad confirms that many of these fees are not real. Check the internet to find out what the taxis in the place you are traveling to can charge.
  • Your destination is closed – A taxi drive may try to tell you the restaurant that you want to go to is closed. Of course they will have another restaurant that they can take you to that is just as good. Scam prevention squad has repeatedly found that often the taxi driver usually gets paid by the restaurant that you end up with and the one that you did not go is really open.

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